Dave Norwood: Professional Embarrassment and Cornucopia of Useless Topics and Knowledge

The “TV In Every Room” Manifesto:

Hi Everyone:

My name is Dave.

I’m a  father, husband, accidental IT guy, and random pop-culture enthusiast who has said “I should talk about stuff on the internet” for longer than I can imagine.

Like a lot of you, I was raised in a home with parents who loved me (but had problems of their own), an older sister, some pets, and televisions in the living room, the playroom, and all of the bedrooms.

“TV In Every Room” is a chance for me to look at these variables and  relate them to the person that I am today.

Or, if that turns out to be too lofty a goal, just to talk about TV, movies, comics, and other stuff as I see fit.






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